Perry universe
(Covers information from the S.D. Perry novels)

Amanda Whitney worked as an Umbrella spokeswoman and represented the company's affairs in Raccoon City.


Amanda represented the company during a press conference in July, in response to the destruction of the Spencer estate. As reported in the July 24 issue of the Raccoon Times, she announced that while the house had been uninhabited, the company was using it to store industrial cleaning agents and solvents.[1]

Raccoon City in September 1998, where she announced that the Umbrella chemical plant south of the city would be renovated (the third time in the past year). Acknowledging that the renovations, taking place towards the end of the police department's own renovations, may effect traffic, she assured the media that Umbrella was taking that into account and doing their best not to make it an issue for downtown drivers.[2]


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