Ammo Cases are special items that appear in Resident Evil: Revelations. They only appear in the Main Game. Some cases are in plain sight, while others are hidden and must be found using the Genesis. Picking them up allows the player to hold more ammo of the type of case they have found. These are essential to surviving the campaign. HELL mode includes exclusive cases to balance out with the stronger enemies. There are five types of cases, one for each type of ammo.

Raid Mode offers similar upgrade via shop menu.


Cases \ Type Handgun Ammo Case Shotgun Ammo Case M. Gun Ammo Case Rifle Ammo Case Magnum Ammo Case
Default 30 20 80 20 10
1 50 40 180 40 50*
2 120 90 300 90 100
3 200* 150* 500 150* 200
4 300 200 600* 200
5 400 300 700 300
  • Asterisk(*) notes the max ammo capacity that can be obtained in NORMAL mode.




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