Ammunition Cards (AM-001, AM-002, and AM-003) represent weapon ammunition and Gold in Resident Evil: The Deck Building Game.


Ammunition in the DBG is ubiquitous; all weapons use and require this ammo, with few exceptions. The Gold is used to purchase Weapons, Items, Action Cards, and more Ammo from the game's Resource Area. Ammntion Cards are part of the game's "Basic Resources", and are included in all game's without exception. At the beginning of the game, part of the starting Inventory of all players is 7 "Ammo x10" cards; giving them +70 Ammo and +70 Gold to work with. Ammo is limited to "Ammo x10"; which costs 0 Gold, "Ammo x20"; which costs 30 Gold, and "Ammo x30"; which is worth 60 Gold.

Alliance, the first DBG expansion, changed the design of the cards slightly,


by changing the font of the "x[number]" to a broader colored font. "x10" is now red, "x20" is now green, and "x30" is now purple. Alliance also added a fourth Ammunition card, called "Treasure", based on the concept usd in Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5.

Treasure (AM-004) is not worth any ammunition unless through another card's effect. It is however, worth 30 Gold by itself, making it a slightly less useful version of the "Ammo x30" card. It costs 40 Gold to purchase.

In Outbreak, the second expansion ammo is not available because of the set's lack of Basic Resources. It is intended to be an expansion for either of the first two sets.

There are currently no ammo cards higher than 30, Claire Redfield however, can use both of her effects to increase the highest ammo card to +40 Ammo and +40 Gold.

The art used on the Ammo cards shows ammo boxes taken from Resident Evil 4, displaying Handgun, Shotgun, Magnum, Sniper Rifle, and TMP ammo. The Treasure Card shows the Golden Idol from Resident Evil 5.

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