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Mainstream universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Andre Stickland[1] was an American television producer known for showrunning the paranormal investigation series Sewer Gators since its start prior to 2015. He was murdered by the Baker family while investigating their house in 2017.


Andre was committed to researching each location prior to filming. The show had gone through at least one change under Andre's hands, with Clancy Javis being brought in as cameraman in mid-2017 following his predecessor's dismissal.

During the preliminary exploration of the Dulvey Haunted House in June 2017, Andre wandered off from Peter Walken and Clancy and was captured by the Bakers. Taken underground he was murdered and propped up against a wall to give the appearance of being alive and standing. His body was found by Clancy, who was recording him and Pete's search of the house prior to his own death.


Andre, before his death, was more professional than Pete. Preparing for the expeditions the Sewer Gators crew would go on, often even preparing for Pete. He also seemed to be willing to separate from the group while filming, which lead to his demise.


Further notesEdit

  • It is implied during the Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour demo that Andre's body was stored in the refrigerator for storage, due to the large mass in the bag being absent in the VHS recording.
    • Andre's corpse can be seen in promotional material released for 2016's TGS, being seated in the Baker family's table. This, however, was confirmed to not be representative of the final game.[2]


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