Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

"Vincent, you are a murderer. A murderer."
— Andy to "Vincent" via telephone.[note 1]

Andy Holland was an Umbrella employee stationed on their planned community on Sheena Island. His role in the project was to supervise the sewers. His hobby was amateur photography.


Andy, like many other people on the island, overheard rumours of the island's new commander, Vincent Goldman and him abducting youths to be experimented on. He was appalled in October when further rumours of Vincent's killing of the Paradise prisoners began to spread. Having never met Vincent personally - or seen a picture of him - Andy was easily fooled by Ark Thompson in early November, who was posing as the commander to spy on Umbrella.[1]

When the real Vincent dispersed the t-Virus across the island two weeks later, Andy hid in the town. Seeing Ark twice walking around, he dialed public phone boxes to call him out as a murderer. This, coupled with Lott and Lily being frightened of him, convinced Ark that he really was Vincent.

In one of three possible endings, he was eventually killed by a newly released, experimental Tyrant designated "Hypnos-T Type" after confronting Ark Thompson and preparing to shoot him, thinking that he is actually Vincent Goldman.

Further notes

Depending on which way the player will choose to go during the game, Andy Holland may confront Ark towards the end of the game and be killed by the newly-awoken Hypnos-T Type. Other possible confrontations are the UT Commander and Vincent Goldman.

His handgun is a Nambu 14 Custom, known in-game as the Handgun D. Andy's extra scene/death only appears when going through the Library where the player can pick up this gun, likewise the same with the UT Commander, the Arcade and the Handgun C, and Vincent, the Hospital and the Handgun B.


  1. Original script: "ビンセント… ビンセント、 お前は人殺しだ… 人殺し…"
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