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Anderson universe
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"I'm not a little girl. Besides... all my friends call me Angie. "
— To Jill Valentine upon meeting her.

Angela "Angie" Ashford was the only child of Doctor Charles Ashford, the inventor of the t-Virus. Angela's role as a "young child of an Umbrella scientist known to have developed the t-Virus" is similar to the back-story of Sherry Birkin in the mainstream continuity.



Because Angela possessed the same degenerative condition as her beloved father, Angela was destined to eventually spend the remainder of her life in a wheelchair. Her father prevented this by developing the t-Virus. While in almost all cases of humans infected with the virus suffering uncontrollable mutation, the reproduction of dead cells that the t-Virus caused was enough to allow Angela to regenerate her limbs and walk again if kept in check with injections of an anti-virus.

Raccoon City IncidentEdit

When the t-Virus escaped The Hive and broke out amongst the population of Raccoon City, Angela was among the VIP-employee family members chosen for evacuation. To this end, Angela was immediately pulled out of her class at school by Umbrella security personnel and attempted to get her out of the city before the infection spread too far. The Umbrella SUV that she was in, however, crashed when it was blindsided by a truck. It's occupants were killed, save for Angela, and as such Angela was trapped within the city.

Charles was forced to find another way to retrieve her from the city before all evidence of the outbreak was destroyed via nuclear weapon. Charles, using her personal locator, tracked Angela down to her junior high school, where Angela remained in hiding. To get her out, Charles found and contacted several survivor groups, including ex-Umbrella security operative Alice, former-S.T.A.R.S officer Jill Valentine along with S.T.A.R.S Sergeant Peyton Wells, disgraced Raccoon 7 news reporter Terri Morales, small-time thug Lloyd Jefferson Wayne and Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service commandos Carlos Olivera and Nicholai Ginovaef.

After explaining that Umbrella will detonate a nuclear device on Raccoon at sunrise, covering up the infection and killing all witnesses caught in the blast, he brokered a deal with the surviving parties contacted. Charles would arrange for them to escape on the last helicopter out of the city, but only if they would retrieve Angela and bring her to him safely.

Angela was indeed saved, and was reunited with her father, but only for a few moments. Charles is later shot and killed by Major Timothy Cain. Angela, along with Alice, Jill, Carlos and L.J. escaped Raccoon on the final helicopter transport, mere seconds before the city was nuked. Alice was killed by loose shrapnel of the helicopter as it crashed, taking the blow meant for Angela.

After RaccoonEdit

After surviving the crash, Angela escaped with Jill and the others and went into hiding. Three weeks later, Angela could sense, with her remnant t-Virus abilities, that some part of Alice still lived.[citation needed] Despite the growing manhunt for Jill and Carlos, they were able to infiltrate Umbrella's Detroit facility, posing as Covert Umbrella Operatives as Alice regained consciousness and escaped the building on her own. As they departed, Angela (hiding in the back of van) asked Alice if she was all right, but received no response from her. It is unknown what happened to her, as she does not appear in the next film.

Information from the R.A. DeCandido novelization, which is not part of the Anderson continuity, is placed here.

After escaping from Raccoon City in 2002, Angela and the others remained in hiding for some time from Umbrella and U.S. Government agents secretly under their employ. Eventually, the Global T-Virus pandemic began and Angela, Alice and the others joined up with other survivors into the "Strike Team", a mismatched collection of survivors journeying across the United States saving as many people as they could from the growing zombie legions.

It was during combat with zombies besieging yet another survivor enclave that Sam Isaacs tested his cybernetic control over "Project Alice". Isaacs commanded Alice to return to Detroit (one of the few cities protected from zombies and mass upheaval) and bring Angela with her at Chairman Albert Wesker's behest. Upon their arrival, however, Isaacs explained that Angela was of no use to Umbrella's research in finding a permanent t-Virus cure, as the strain of t-Virus she had within her was an entirely different strain from the one sweeping across the globe. As such, Isaacs ordered Alice to kill Angela, which she did so by shooting her in the head. Angela's death was instant.



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