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Annette's Recollection is a cutscene in Resident Evil 2. It comes in two variations based on who meets Annette Birkin. In Claire B it is Claire Redfield; in Leon B it is Ada Wong.


Annette Birkin: "Don't move."
"You're the one who was with that cop, if I remember correctly."
"Identify yourself."

Ada Wong: "Ada."
"Ada Wong."

Annette: "Ada Wong? I've heard that name before."
"Now I remember. One of the men from Chicago came to assist the t-Virus research. He used his girlfriend's name as his password."
"'Ada' and 'John', I believe."

Ada: "How did you know? Who are you?"

Annette: "Annette Birkin."
"My husband is the man responsible for the creation of the t-Virus - William Birkin."

Ada: "What?"

Annette: "John's dead. He became one of those zombies. My condolences."
"And although I regret this, you will be joining him shortly."
"I won't let anyone take the G-Virus away from me."

Ada: "G-Virus?"

Annette: "It's capable of creating the ultimate Bio-Weapon."
"Its potential is even greater than that of the t-Virus."

Ada: "That must mean the creature in the police department is-"

Annette: "Precisely. My husband William."
"And it is all Umbrella's fault. None of this would have happened if they hadn't tried to steal his research away from him."

Umbrella Soldier: "This way."

William Birkin: "Its sheer perfection."
"My precious G-Virus.
"No one will ever take you away from me."

Umbrella Soldier: "There he is."

William: "So, you've finally come."

Umbrella Soldier: "Doctor, we're here to collect the G-Virus sample."

William: "Sorry, but I won't just hand over my life's work."

HUNK: "Stop it! You might hit the sample."
"That's it, alright. Okay, let's move out."

Annette: "William!"
"Oh my... hold on, darling."
"I'm taking care of that bullet wound, first."
"Stay here."

Umbrella Soldier: "Alpha Team, have you retrieved the sample yet?"

Alpha Team Leader (V.O): "Affirmative. Meeting at the Rendezvous point in one minute."

Umbrella Soldier: "Roger!"

Ada: "Are you telling me that he injected the G-virus into his own body?"

Annette: "The G-Virus has the ability to revitalise cellular functions."

William: *roar*

Umbrella Soldier: "What was that?"

Umbrella Soldier: "Something's wrong, let's check it out. Over there!"

Umbrella Soldier: "Eat this, you freak!"

Umbrella Soldier: "Bullets stopping it!"

Umbrella Soldier: "What is this thing?"

Umbrella Soldier: "Noooooo!"

HUNK: "Hurry!"

Umbrella Soldier: "What is this thing?"

HUNK: "Fire! Fire!"
"You son of a...!"

Ada: "So those rats were the carriers of the virus?"

Annette: "As a result of his virus-induced transmutation, William should have lost any prior memories he had as a human by now. Even worse, every G-Virus Bio Weapon including William has the ability to implant embryos into other creatures."

Ada: "And create offspring...No..."
"Too bad."

Annette Birkin: "動くな!"
"さっき    警官といっしょだった女ね"

Ada Wong: "エイダ"
"エイダ ウォン"

Annette: "エイダ ウォン…? 聞いた事ある名だわ"
"確か… T-ウィルス研究の手伝いにシカゴから来た男が――"
"”エイダ&ジョン” というパスワードを"

Ada: "なぜそれを… あなたは一体?

Annette: "アネット バーキンよ"

Ada: *ad-lib*

Annette: "ジョンなら死んだわ    ゾンビになって…"
"でも    悲しむ事はないわすぐに会えるのだから…"
"G-ウィルスを狙う者はみな    死ぬのよ"

Ada: "G-ウィルス?"

Annette: "最強のウィルス兵器よ"
"出来損ないのゾンビを生み出すT-ウィルスとは 訳が違うわ"

Ada: "じゃ    警察署で見たあの化け物が…"

Annette: "その通り    夫のウィリアムよ"
"アンブレラのせいで    あんな姿に…"

Umbrella Soldier: "こっちだ"

William Birkin: "美しい…"

Umbrella Soldier: "いたぞ!"

William: "やっと来たか"

Umbrella Soldier: "博士    ”G”を渡して下さい"

William: "悪いが…それは出来ない"

Umbrella Soldier: "止める    ”G”に当たる!"
"これだな    よし行くぞ!"

Annette: "ウィリアム!"
"しっかり…    今すぐ手当てを"

Umbrella Soldier: "Aチーム    サンプルの回収は?"

Alpha Team Leader (V.O): "成功だ    予定のポイントで合流を"

Umbrella Soldier: "了解"

Ada: "じゃあ自分の体にG-ウィルスを…?"

Annette: ""G"は死者をも蘇らせる力がある"

William: *roar*

Umbrella Soldier: "今のは?"

Umbrella Soldier: "様子がおかしい    行くぞ!"

Umbrella Soldier: "喰らえ    化け物!"

Umbrella Soldier: "まるで効いていないぞ!"

Umbrella Soldier: "…何て奴だ"

Umbrella Soldier: *ad-lub*

HUNK: "急げ!"

Umbrella Soldier: "…こいつは?"

HUNK: "撃て    撃つんだ!"

Ada: "ネズミが街にウィルスを?"

Annette: "ウィリアムは ”G” の作用で―"
"そして今    彼の新しい目的は―"
"他の生物に 「胚」 を産み付け…"

Ada: "まさか    「種」 を増やそうと?"


There are several departures from the script in this cutscene. As seen in "Embryo into its cradle (Brian Irons)", the G-Virus has been changed in the English localization to be the successor to the t-Virus in Umbrella's bio-weapons project, and references to G are changed as such. For example, in this scene Annette describes the G-Virus as a powerful viral weapon, with the English version of the same line saying it is used to create powerful bio-weapons. Later in the scene Annette describes how "G" look completely different from Zombies, thus allowing Ada/Claire to figure out that the infected William Birkin is a "G". The English script instead describes the G-Virus as being superior to the t-Virus an having greater potential, leading to a plot hole in how Ada/Claire works out G's relation to the monster.

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