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The Anonymous Letter is a file in Resident Evil 4.


It can be picked up at the start of Chapter 2-1 in the cabin Leon wakes up in. It is sitting on the bed.


There's an important item hidden in the falls. If you are able to get it, you might be able to get Ashley out of the church.

But I'll warn you, the route to the church isn't a walk in the park by any means. They've deployed what's called an "El Gigante," so God bless.

About what's been going on in your body... If I could help you, I would. But unfortunately it's beyond my power.






It is an unsigned letter left for Leon. It describes where to find the key to the church which provides Leon with a new destination to travel to. Luis may have written the letter anonymously so Leon could not be interrogated and give away his whereabouts.




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