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The Anti-Virus is seen in Resident Evil Outbreak Files #1 and #2. Although in Resident Evil Outbreak # 1, George can do two types of Anti-Virus: Anti-Virus and Anti-Virus Large.

You can try the following mixes:

  1. G+B= Antivirus
  1. G+G+B= 2 Antivirus(F#2)
  1. G+B+R= Antivirus Large(F#1)/ 3 Antivirus (F#2)

The large Anti-Virus can only be made and found In Resident Evil Outbreak and it will stop the infection rate for about 9 minutes, While the "common" Anti-virus pill can stop the virus growth on the body for at least 3 minutes.

Further notesEdit

  • The Ampoule Shooter that George starts with in every scenario from the beginning,he can use it as a weapon that can deal damage to most foes such as Thanatos (400HP in showdown 1 and 3), Zombies (2000HP) and it will deal 1000HP to other foes (it might include other bosses as well). This tactic, will make the game much easier for veteran players.
  • It has not been stated how George knew that there was a drug that would stop the growth of the T-Virus in a Host's body.

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