Antiviral spray re orc

An Anti-Viral spray

The Antiviral Spray is an item found only in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.

When a player character is infected with the t-Virus, an Antiviral Spray is the only thing that will effectively neutralize the infection (with the exception of the Active Ability "Neutralize Infection" used by the Medic class).

Further notes

  • In the demo of Operation Raccoon City, one could carry two Antiviral Sprays at a time by default.
  • With the Passive Ability "Antiviral Proficiency" in the Field Scientist class, characters such as FOUR EYES (U.S.S.), Shona (SPEC OPS FIELD UNIT Echo Six), and Claire Redfield (Heroes) can carry one more spray per level of the ability (e.g. level 3 = 4 Antiviral Sprays)
  • Like the First Aid Spray, it has an area of effect when used. One could cure their entire team of infection with a single well-coordinated spray.
  • The Antiviral Spray can also damage t-Virus infected creatures.


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