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The Aqua Ring Entrance was a location of Aqua Ring.


It is long corridor that led to the main entry of the Aqua Ring area. In Remake, the door linking the Rear drain passage to the Aqua Ring Entrance was added. A fire extinguisher is placed in the midway of the passage.


Part of the corridor was heavily flooded, forcing players to move three large boxes in the area to form a bridge over the flooded section.

There will be two green herbs located at the far end corner of the passage in the original Resident Evil, and one red herb for Remake.

In Remake, the Rear drain passage door will be locked from the other side which can be entered later. While the large boxes will remains around the flooded section, after draining all the water, the boxes will fall down which unable player to pass through the same place again.


Aqua Ring Entrance (Remake)

Aqua Ring Entrance (Remake)

Created by Danskyl7Created by Danskyl7


Resident Evil
Location Localization Original Script
Resident Evil (2002)
The door to the Rear Drain It's locked from the other side.
Flooded section (After all water was drained) The water is all gone. There's no way to get through anymore.





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