Further notes

When a Plaga escapes from its host, it cannot survive for very long. To sustain themselves, some hid within the medieval armour to protect themselves while conserving their energy in a dormant state.

Stretching themselves to fit all four of the suit's limbs, these Plagas can defend themselves while they search for new hosts. These creatures attack with medieval weapons, such as claymores and halberds. The weak point of these armors are the helmets. If damaged enough, the Plaga will break free of the helmet and expose itself from the neck of the armour, becoming vulnerable to gunfire, and particularly flash-bang grenades, which will kill an exposed Plaga instantly.

There are two varieties of the Armadura: one in a lighter-colored silver armor and a round helmet, which tends to contain a Type-A Plaga and wield a broadsword, while the darker black-and-gold armor with a square helmet will usually contain a Type-B Plaga that is incredibly dangerous due to its instant-death head bite. It carries a heavy axe.

Additionally, some Armadura may attempt to ambush their victims by staying still among other armors, waiting until their target approaches before making a single attack when in range. This attack can be dodged and doing so will invariably cause the armor to collapse, presumably due to the concussive stress of hitting a solid floor, but the armor will still collapse if the player is hit. Once these one-attack Armaduras disintegrate, there is no evidence of the Plagas ever inhabiting the armor, perhaps due to the crushing weight of the armor or self-destruction.