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Ashley wears an orange, sleeveless turtle-neck sweater with a burgundy sweater around her neck. She also wears a green, plaid skirt, white panties, and knee-high brown, buckled boots. If the player beats the game and selects the "Special" costume where Leon wears his R.P.D. uniform on the next play, Ashley will wear a revealing white pop star outfit.

If the player clears the minigame "Separate Ways", they can unlock a second special outfit (PS2/PC/Wii/PS3/360 only). Leon wears a mafia costume, and Ashley is given a suit of armor, which protects her from any harm from enemies and Leon himself. The alternate costumes (Only R.P.D. and Pop star) will appear in cutscenes in the Gamecube and Wii versions of the game, while in the PS2 and PC versions they will wear their default outfits, due to the use of pre-rendered cutscenes.

Beta Ashley

Beta Ashley

Unused Ashley model

  • A beta version of Ashley can be found in the files of pre-launch/beta releases of Resident Evil 4. Unlike the official Ashley, this one wears a checkered scarf, a red jacket, brown gloves, a belt, black pants and brown boots.
  • Another beta version of the final Ashley in the pre-release "beta" versions of the game had a rather longer hair and wore blue panties as indicated in released screenshots and trial edition data.