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Further notes

This is a page for notable quotes of Ashley Graham.

Resident Evil 4Edit

  • "What?! My father?"
  • "Leon, I think they shot something in my neck."
  • "What are we gonna do, Leon?"
  • "I'm never turning into one of them! Never!"
  • "Talk about near death experience."
  • "Here goes nothing."
  • "So *ahem*, after you take me back to my place, how about we do some uh, 'overtime'?"
  • "Leon, shoot those barrels on that wagon!"
  • "I opened it, Leon."
  • "Leon!!!"
  • "Leon! Help!"
  • "Help! Help me, Leon!"
  • "Where are you going, Leon?"
  • "You okay, Leon?"
  • "Leon, look at the ceiling!"
  • "Look, there's a crank over there."
  • "Watch out for me!"
  • "The door's locked, I can't open it!"
  • "I got the key! I can get out!"
  • "It's coming right at us!"
  • "What is that thing?"
  • "Hey! What are you looking at?!" (when Leon looks up Ashley's skirt)
  • "Oh! You pervert!" (when Leon looks up Ashley's skirt again)

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