At Deep Mountains and Dark Valleys, the Night Begins is a track on the Resident Evil Original Soundtrack Remix.[1]

Music informationEdit

This is the second track on the album. It is a part of the MANSION section. The track includes sound effects.

In-game usageEdit

The original music in this track plays in several first floor rooms of the Spencer Mansion in Resident Evil.

In the second release of the Resident Evil: Director's Cut, the track Quietamente from the BIO HAZARD SYMPHONY Op. 91: CRIME AND PUNISHMENT album is used.


  1. BIO HAZARD SOUND TRACK REMIX. VGMDb. Retrieved on 2014-02-05.

Preceded by
Terror (Darkness Lives)
Resident Evil Original Soundtrack Remix
August 1996
Succeeded by
The One Who Survives

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