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At the End of a Long Escape (長い逃走の果てに Nagai tōsō no hate ni?) is a song appearing in Resident Evil 6. It is the thirty-forth track on disc 3 of BIOHAZARD 6 ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK.

Music information Edit

At the End of a Long Escape was composed by Capcom's in-house sound team, Suleputer. It is 04:24 long.[1]

In-game usageEdit

At the End of a Long Escape is played during the credits to the Jake Story.

Credits Edit

  • Music: Akihiko Narita
  • Lyrics: Akihiko Narita; Michael G. Cooney; Liam O'Brien; Margaret Lucy
  • Arranged: Stephen McKnight
  • Vocal: Kieron Cashell
  • Electric Guitar, Electric Bass and Keyboard
  • Drums: Stephen McKnight
  • Recording and Mixing Engineer: Masahiro Yamada
  • Recording Studio: Avaco Creative Studios Inc.
  • Band Recording Coordinator: Chizu Iwaki



  1. iTunes - ミュージック - カプコン・サウンドチーム, Thomas Parisch, Laurent Ziliani, Daniel Lindholm & Sebastian Schwartz「バイオハザード6 オリジナル・サウンドトラック」 (Japanese). iTunes. Retrieved on 2012-11-17.
Preceded by
The Last Escape
November 2012
Succeeded by
A Promise Kept

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