The B1F Level of the Aqua Ring is a location featured in the original Resident Evil and its remake. Like much of the Aqua Ring, it was completely redesigned for the remake and bears little similarity to its original appearance.


In the original 1996 Resident Evil, the Aqua Ring no further platform was available unlike Remake where multiple platform was added. While the Aqua Tank is circling the passageway around in Remake, the Aqua Tank was a large square shaped in the original Resident Evil. Though, the Aqua Ring still leads to the same rooms in both games; Guard Room and Aqua Ring Control Room.


In the original Resident Evil, couple of Neptunes will chase the player around the flooded area. By using the Control Room Key, the Aqua Ring Control Room can be entered where the switch to drain all the flooded water. Upon returning here as Rebecca or Jill while fighting PLANT 42, the roots can be located inside the guard room.

In Remake, If Chris saved Richard Aiken earlier on in the Mansion, he will reappear here and sacrifice himself to the Mother Neptune. His Assault Shotgun can then be retrieved on the lower level of the Aqua Ring after it has been drained. All the water surrounding the Aqua Ring unable player to explore into the more areas even further. In order to drained all the water, player must enter the Aqua Ring Control Room using the Control Room Key that can be found inside the Room 002 Bathroom.


Resident Evil
Location Localization Original Script
Checking the tank (From the left side) The tank appears to have cracked.
Checking the tank (From the right side) It's a large watertank.
Resident Evil (2002)
The door to the Aqua Ring Control Room (With the Key) You used the Control Room Key. There's no further use for this key. Discard? Yes/No



Before draining the water

After draining the water