The B2F Level of the Aqua Ring is a location featured in Resident Evil. It only appears in the Remake.


An experiment monitor, presume to be used to gather information on the shark is placed here. There are also a set of scattered chairs nearby with a teeth marks, other types machinery, water flow control system and a generator unit at the back.


Aqua ring B2 (1)
After Richard sacrificed himself to save Chris from the Neptunes, his Assault Shotgun can be found here.

While a Neptune is lying on the floor, struggling, a larger Neptune is located at the back surrounded with plenty of water. It will not attack as soon as the player passes on it, climb onto the platform and approach the shining object. Before the player can grab it, the large Neptune will struggle and tries to attack Chris, causing the key to fall into the water. To get it safely, push the water flow control system into the water and activate the generator unit. This will cause an electric shock and therefore kills the Neptune. Once the key is taken, head straight to the Rear Drain passage.


Resident Evil (2002)
Location Localization Original Script
Monitor An experiment monitor. Looks like it was being used to gather data on sharks.
Scattered chairs There are large teeth marks in the chair.
Checking the half drowned devices Various types of machinery. You have no idea what they're used for.
Generator unit The generator unit for the water flow control system. Pull the lever down? Yes/No
Generator unit (After the neptune is killed) The generator unit for the water flow control system. It's toasted.
Water flow control system The water flow control system. It doesn't have power.