The B3F Lounge is an area in the Arklay Laboratory.


The Lounge contain various materials or furniture such as chairs, round table, scattered supplies and various types of chemicals on the shelf. In Remake, a refrigerator was added inside the room, though it isn't turned on. There's are dozen of claw marks on the wall. In the original Resident Evil, the room contain a bed in which the 2002 remake did not featured.


Player can find a magnum round and a Blue herb in this room in the original Resident Evil. Though in Remake, they can find a shotgun shell and a First Aid Spray instead. While both games featured different items, they can still find an Item Box and a Typewriter inside this room.


Resident Evil (2002)
Location Localization Original script
The shelf on the wall Various types of chemicals. The labels are too grimy to read. You can't tell what's inside.
Refrigerator The refrigerator isn't turned on.
Scattered materials Chairs and supplies lie scattered about.
The wall The walls are covered with dozens of claw marks.





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