The B4F West Area Passage is an area of the Raccoon City Underground Laboratory that is featured in Resident Evil 2 , Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles and Resident Evil Outbreak #1.


This area consist of a T shaped corridor with red lights on the floor to the left of the corridor is an electronically locked shutter and the right leads to two doors leading to the sleeping quarters.


Leon and Claire must pass through this passage in the respective scenario's to get to the next point in the game however the area they need to access is locked until the player has accessed and used the Fuse in the Main shaft area which unlocks this door.


Location Localization Original script
The shutter The shutter is sealed firmly in place.
Switch for the shutter It's a shutter switch. Will you push it? Yes/No

(No power) No response... The power is not supplied.

Swich for the shutter (Once opened) The lock is already released.
The door to the Sleeping Quarters B It's locked from inside.