The B5F Area B Passage is an area of the underground laboratory in Raccoon City that is featured in Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil Outbreak.


This is composed of a well lit series of corridors each leading to a different room one passage leads to a Laboratory room and the other leads to the Monitor room however the passage to get to this area is engulfed in webbing and egg sacs of what appears to be a moth.


The player must enter this area on both scenario's respectively in order to obtain the Lab Card Key which can be used to then access the B5F computer room and register your fingerprint on the scanner to progress.


Location Localization Original script
Door to the B5F computer room The door is opened with a card key.
Door to the B5F computer room (With the card key) You have used the Lab Card Key. This key is useless now. Discard? Yes/No