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The BIOHAZARD 2 ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK was composed by Masami Ueda; Shusaku Uchiyama and Shun Nishigaki for the video game Biohazard 2, known as Resident Evil 2 outside Japan. It does not contain every track written for the game however. The remaining tracks were included in the subsequent release of the BIOHAZARD 2 COMPLETE TRACK album on August 21, 1998.

Track listingEdit

Track listing
No. TitleMusic Length
1. "The Beginning Of Story"  Masami Ueda 3:47
2. "Annette's Recollection"  Shusaku Uchiyama
Syun Nishigaki
3. "Normal End Title"  Masami Ueda 1:45
4. "Special End Title"  Masami Ueda 2:17
5. "Credit Line Of Whole Staff"  Masami Ueda 2:36
6. "Prologue"  Masami Ueda 1:32
7. "Raccoon City"  Masami Ueda 1:50
8. "The Front Hall"  Masami Ueda 1:36
9. "The First Floor"  Shusaku Uchiyama 2:41
10. "The Second Floor"  Shusaku Uchiyama 2:57
11. "Secure Place"  Masami Ueda 0:57
12. "Leon with Claire"  Masami Ueda 1:30
13. "The Library"  Masami Ueda 1:43
14. "Sherry's Theme"  Shusaku Uchiyama 1:45
15. "The Basement Of Police Station"  Shusaku Uchiyama 2:05
16. ""T"-A"  Masami Ueda 1:22
17. "The First Malformation of "G""  Masami Ueda 2:20
18. "Ada's Theme"  Masami Ueda 1:23
19. "The Marshalling Yard (The First Half)"  Masami Ueda 2:31
20. "The Marshalling Yard (The Latter Half)"  Masami Ueda 3:44
21. "The Second Malformation of "G""  Masami Ueda 1:39
22. "The Underground Laboratory"    2:32
23. "Is Ada Spy!?"  Syun Nishigaki 2:29
24. "Escape From Laboratory"  Syun Nishigaki 3:08
25. "Good Bye, Leon"  Syun Nishigaki 2:27
26. "Mother"  Syun Nishigaki 2:04
27. "One More Kiss"  Shusaku Uchiyama 1:06
28. ""T"-B"  Masami Ueda 2:53
29. "The Third Malformation of "G""  Masami Ueda 2:20
30. "And After That..."  Shusaku Uchiyama 1:33
31. "Credit Line"  Masami Ueda 2:35


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