BIOHAZARD 2 PROLOGUE OF TERRORS is a magazine that was published by Media Factory, Inc. in 1998. Its rarity has made it much sought-after by collectors.

Content description

Introduction (pages 4-9)

Six pages at the beginning are devoted to screenshots and illustrations, and include footage relating to the live-action advert for Biohazard 2, which was directed by George A. Romero.

Character File (pages 10-13)

Following that is a presentation of the game's cast, with fairly-consistent lengths of description, along with artwork; screenshots and preparatory sketches.

Raccoon File (pages 14-15)

A two-page dossier entitled "Raccoon File", with the RPD, STARS, probably the events of the manor and the police. An insert is for costumes used in the commercial Biohazard 2. Another inset is for an illustration of the morgue, accompanied by descriptive text.

Weapon File (pages 14-19)

This section lists the weapons of the first and BIOHAZARD, accompanied by photos of replica weapons.

Monster File (pages 20-32)

Pages 20 and 21 are dedicated to zombies, with large illustrations of the female and police officer zombies being most noticeable. The next two pages draw parallels between the zombies of the series and those in horror films, using screenshots. One such section is titled "MOTION OF THE LIVING DEAD", and related to the "zombie walk".

Pages 24 and 25 go back to describing the series' creatures, talking about the zombie dog and crow on the former, and the moth giant and the big spider on the latter. The big spider lacks its own image, and is instead replaced with "UNKNOWN".

Pages 26 features the Alligator and big roach; like the big spider on the previous page, the alligator lacks its own image. The next page is devoted to Plant 43 entirely.

Pages 28 and 29 feature the Licker and "G", respectively. Page 28 includes concept art of the Licker's head design, which also appeared in the BIOHAZARD archives. Page 29 refers to all creatures birthed by the G-virus.

Page 30 and 31 describe the creatures shown in the BIOHAZARD: the zombie; wasp and Plant 42 on one side, Neptune; Hunter; Chimera and Tyrant on the other.

There is no section devouted to the T-103.

Inspiration (pages 33-46)

This section, in black-and-white, discussed the horror films that inspired the game, starting with the section "Movie Like Horror Game としてのBio Hazard", then moving on to "Another Bio Hazard".

Pages 35 and 36 include a screenshot from the original Night of the Living Dead, showing a number of zombies walking to the house featured prominently in the film. Later pages contain such sections as "コミック・ホラー" ("Horror Comics"- page 40). The final page tries to answer the question "Horror movie or horror comedy?". It defines how avoid the former becoming the latter in production, and lists three factors (misslept "facter") that influence it.

Roots of Biohazard (pages 47–57)

Continuing with the discussion on horror inspiration, this chapter discusses the game, itself, and includes a number of screenshots from the game's FMV sequences. Pages 48 and 49 are separated into eight sections, each one discussing a particular part of BIOHAZARD 2; Pages 50 and 51 instead relate to BIOHAZARD. Pages 51 and 52 are entitled "SF HORROR BIOHAZARD". Page 53 and 54, very interestingly, brings up スウィートホーム ("Sweet Home"), the 1989 pre-BIOHAZARD survival horror game