Further notes

BIOHAZARD 2 TV-CM was filmed as part of Capcom's preliminary research into the viability of a live-action Resident Evil film. Wanting a similar quality of make-up; cinematography and directing as would be seen in a feature-length film, Capcom financed the short with a considerably larger budget than expected for a film of its length. American film director George A. Romero, famous for his Dead series of Zombie horror films, was given the role of Director.

Casting Edit

The main cast consisted of actor Brad Renfro playing the part of Leon S. Kennedy, and Adrienne Frantz as Claire Redfield. Renfro received top billing due to his popularity among Japanese audiences. A number of special effects designers such as Bob Miller and Michael Deak cameoed as Zombies.

Principal photography Edit

Principal photography took place in late September 1997 in and around Los Angeles' Lincoln Heights Jail, which was dressed as the Raccoon City Police Department. The jail, closed in 1965, had earlier been used for the boiler room scenes in 1984's A Nightmare on Elm Street.