The BIOHAZARD 3 LAST ESCAPE Official Guidebook (Fulfillment of her Escape Edition) is a 176-page guide book for Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. It was written by Studio BentStuff.


Pages 1-5Edit

Page 5 features a larger variant of the Raccoon City map shown on page 192 of the BIOHAZARD 3 LAST ESCAPE Official Guidebook (Complete Conquest of Nemesis Ver.) and in Resident Evil Archives without any markings.

Characters (pg.6-9)Edit

New Monsters (pg.10-12)Edit

Chapter 1: Fundamental Knowledge (pg.13-42)Edit

New Features of Biohazard 3 (pg.14-15)Edit

Operation (pg.16-21)Edit

Status (pg.22-23)Edit

Item (pg.24-27)Edit

Weapons (pg.28-31)Edit

Weapons List (pg.32-35)Edit

Monsters (pg.36-37)Edit

Monsters List (pg.38-41)Edit

Special Contribution From Biohazard Fan #1 (pg.42)Edit

An illustration of Jill by artist Kazushi Hagiwara, creator of BASTARD!!.

Chapter 2: Learn How to Play Bio 3 (pg.43-76)Edit

Introduction (pg.44-46)Edit

Lesson 1-14 (pg.47-74)Edit

Biohazard 3 Guide Glossary (pg.75)Edit

Special Contribution From Biohazard Fan #2 (pg.76)Edit

An illustration of Nemesis and Jill by artist Yoshihiro Togashi, creator of HUNTERxHUNTER.

Chapter 3: Stage Guides (pg.77-130)Edit

Before Reading Chapter 3 (pg.78-79)Edit

Stage 1: Uptown (pg.80-87)Edit

Stage 2: Police Station (pg.88-95)Edit

Stage 3: Downtown (pg.96-107)Edit

Stage 4: Clock Tower (pg.108-115)Edit

Stage 5: Hospital (pg.116-123)Edit

Stage 6: Park (pg.124-130)Edit

Chapter 4: Biohazard 1, 2, and 3 (pg.131-156)Edit

Biohazard in Raccoon City 1998 (pg.132-133)Edit

A timeline of the events leading to the Raccoon City outbreak, sans the final moments of October 1st.

July 11th

At a mansion located within Raccoon Forest in the Arklay Mountains, an outbreak occurs due to an accidental leak of the T-virus during its research. Due to Umbrella's delayed countermeasures, each of the facility's workers and researchers become infected, one after another.



Biohazard (pg.134-143)Edit

Biohazard 2 (pg.144-153)Edit

Selected Character Scenes (pg.154-155)Edit

Special Contribution From Biohazard Fan #3 (pg.156)Edit

An illustration of Jill, Brad, Nemesis, and Zombies by artist Kouta Hirano, creator of Hellsing.

Chapter 5: Top Secret (pg.157-172)Edit

Live Selection Basic Analysis (pg.158-159)Edit

Pursuer Evasion Manual for Beginners (pg.160-165)Edit

The Mercenaries Playing Guide (pg.166-171)Edit

Special Contribution From Biohazard Fan #4 (pg.172-173)Edit

An 2-page comic by Capcom staff member Yoshiki Okamoto.

Pages 174-176Edit

Pages 174-175 feature a 2-page splash advertisement for the Complete Conquest of Nemesis guidebook.

Page 176 lists the book credits.


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