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The event logo, as seen in the Osaka iteration.

The BIOHAZARD Nightmare Amusement Park (バイオハザードナイトメア baiohazādo naitomea?) was a Japanese "screampark" -referred to by Capcom as a Real Horror Attraction (リアルホラーアトラクション Riaru horā atorakushon?)- that was held by Capcom between 1998 and 1999 in Osaka, and in 2001 in Saitama. The park was based on the Spencer Mansion, with a replica of the entrance hall being among the places that could be visited.


BioHazard NIGHTMARE03:09


VCD footage of the Expoland park, obtained from biohazardfrance.

The first iteration of the screampark was based in the Expoland park located in Suita, Osaka. First opened on 18 July 1998, archived footage of the Expoland park was released on VCD and sold as a collectible item in an issue of the Street Fighter III comic in Hong Kong.[1] It later closed on 15 September 1999.

Administration information

On an ordinary business day, the attraction was open between 09:30 in the morning until 17:30 in the Afternoon, though people were notified to pay admission fees before 16:30 (giving up to an hour inside the attraction).[2] Adults and children aged from 13 years old paid a standard entry fee of ¥1,100, while children between 4 and 12 paid the fee of ¥600.[2][excerpt 1] Adults could pay for a cheaper, ¥800 ticket if they arrived after 16:00, though it was only valid on business days and not the weekends.[excerpt 2]

The Night Games were an outside event related to the attraction, ready at 21:00 for the Summertime; weekends and public holidays. It was notified that they were dependent on the weather, any rain would lead to a cancellation of the day's event.

Tobu Zoo

It was later revived at the Tobu Zoo in Saitama, where it was held from 28 April - 31 October 2001.


The Nightmare attraction's gift shop sold replicas of the Spencer Mansion's keys to tie in with its theme at a price of ¥700 each. These were advertised by Famitsu.[3] The gift shop also sold folding fans.



  1. Adult (13 years or more) ¥ 1,100 / Children (4-12 years) ¥ 600 (おとな(13歳以上)1100円こども(4~12歳)600円 Otona (13-sai ijō) 1100-en kodomo (4 ~ 12-sai) 600-en?)
  2. 4時PM以降入園なら割安なトワイライトチケットもあります。ただしナイター営業日のみです(おとな800円こども忘れた) (4-Ji PM ikō nyūen'nara wariyasuna towairaitochiketto mo arimasu. Tadashi naitā eigyō-bi nomidesu (otona 800-en kodomo wasureta) 9: 30 AM ~ 5: 30 PM (nyūen wa heien jikan no 1-jikan mae made)?)
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