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BIOHAZARD THE STAGE is a Japanese play which ties into the Resident Evil franchise. It began performances in October 2015, and is being overseen by Capcom. It is the second play relating to the franchise; the first was the unrelated Bioroid: Year Zero, which was a 2000 musical comedy about the lives of zombies from their own point-of-view.


  • Tyler Howard, played by Hiroshi Yazaki (矢崎 広?) - A former police officer with a strong sense of 2005,after viral outbreak in Minnesota,Tyler was recruited into anti-bioterrorism government agency and was declared dead.
  • Piers Nivans, played by Wataru Kuriyama (栗山 航?) - A BSAA sniper attached to its North American branch. Piers is also Chris' partner.
  • Chris Redfield, played by Seijiro Nakamura (中村誠治郎?) - A Captain in the BSAA North American branch and one of the BSAA's founding members.
  • Mary Grey, played by Asuka Kuramochi (倉持明日香?) - A beautiful young woman attending the Philosophy University's science classes. She is a genius with an IQ of 230.It is revealed she is behind viral outbreak at the Philospy University along with Liam Howard.She is killed by Chris by RPG when she mutated into unknown grotesque creature
  • Rebecca Chambers, played by Rin Asuka (飛鳥 凛?) - A BSAA advisor currently working as a university professor.It is revealed that Rebecca is BSAA undercover operative and was sent to investigate Liam Howard's activity
  • Sophie Home, played by "Raychell" - A Western Australian singer and member of its Oceania branch.
  • Olivia Price, played by Saaya Irie (紗 綾?) - A Philosophy University student and a friend of Mary Grey.It is revealed that Lucas,whom Mary Grey was in love with,eventually chose Olivia,breaking Mary's heart.She was turned into zombie by Mary Grey as a revenge.
  • Matthew Russel, played by Shimon Okura (大倉 士門?) and Makoto Uenobori (植野 堀誠?) - University President Ezra Sennett's secretary, and a candidate for his successorship.Matthew is Ezra's adopted son.
  • Barrington Meyer, played by Haruki Kiyama (丘山 晴己?) - A police officer investigating the university.He is obsessed with money and is bribed by Sennett to keep information about viral outbreak from outside of university
  • Lucas Butler, played by Atsushi Kimura (木村 敦?) - Another Philosophy University student. A friend of Mary, he is Olivia's boyfriend.both Mary and Olivia were in love with Lucas,who eventually chose Olivia over Mary.He dies when he is bitten by a zombie
  • Liam Howard, played by Yuji Kishi (岸 祐二?) - A molecular biology professor and Tyler Howard's father.He was former Umbrella scientist,he became so absorbed by his work that he forgot about his son who then joined police but was declared deceased,Liam went mad hearing those news and became determined to research virus to resurrect his son and also make human race superhumanly intelligent.At the end he mutates into unknown creature that reminds first form of G.
  • Posh Brown, played by Yoshiaki Umegaki (梅垣 義明?) - A university security guard.
  • Ezra Sennett, played by Sonny Chiba/Shinichi Chiba (千葉真一?) - The current Philosophy University president, Ezra deeply loves his university and will stop at nothing to prevent damage to it's reputation,going as far as bribing detective Meyer.He also hired Howard to research new virus to increase human intellegence
  • Tyrant(unidentified model)-Tyrant model looks identical to 103 mass-produced model with minor difference that he wears large shoulderpad


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