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BIOHAZARD heavenly island 1 is the first volume of the BIOHAZARD heavenly island manga series written by Naoki Serizawa. The first chapter of the volume, Chapter 7, was first published in early 2015. This run ended after two months, with chapters 9-18 being published by Akita Shōten soon after.

Plot SummaryEdit


# Japanese title Translation First publication
1 Rakuen (楽園?) Paradise Issue 7
2 Janguru no yoru (ジャングルの夜?) Jungle at Night Issue 8
3 Matsura reshi mono (祀られし者?) The Enshrined Person Issue 9
4 Satsuei kaishi (撮影開始?) Start of Shooting Issue 10
5 Mori no kaijin (銛の怪人?) Phantom's Harpoon Issue 11
6 Oitsume rarete (追い詰められて?) Cornered Issue 12
7 Mo Ri o (モ・リ・オ?) Mo-Li-o Issue 13
8 Tatakai (戦い?) Fight Issue 14


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