BIOHAZARD to the Liberty (バイオハザード トゥ・ザ リバティ baiohazādo tu za ribati?) is a "light novel" written by Suiren Kimura. Its origin is as fanfiction published by Capcom after being selected in a competition called BIOHAZARD Grand Novel Prize under the working title "BIOHAZARD Statue of Liberty".[2] It was released alongside BIOHAZARD Rose Blank on March 25, 2002. While no official English translation has been published yet, a German translation, "Resident Evil: Tödliche Freiheit" was published in 2006. The story is centrally focused on an outbreak within New York City, in a cruiser of the Umbrella Corporation appropriately named Liberty.

Plot Edit

When American Jack Tramp is accused of being "Jack the Ripper", U.S. Marshall José Lopez is called over to the United Kingdom to take custody of him and transfer him back to the United States for trial. Things start out bad for Lopez. Jetlagged and not having had time to read the case files, he is forced to commandeer a taxi while armed in search for the suspect who he knows nothing on. In the search, Lopez forces the driver to speed though the city of Liverpool towards the dockside, followed by the police. Breaking the car at some gates, Lopez finally steps out of the car. Though he explains he is a Marshall, the police find his defense to be irrelevant and prepare to arrest him. Soon, however, it becomes clear to the officers that Lopez must be here to catch the Ripper, and are angered that Lopez must be here to take him back to the United States. The driver, now calmed from the ordeal, asks Lopez about himself, having already confused him for a Mexican - Lopez confirms he is not an FBI agent and quickly apologises for not actually having any money for the fare.

Lopez goes on to investigate the dockyard. Encountering a guard, he is explained the situation - daily news reports of young women being slashed led to the press declaring the return of the Victorian serial killer, "Jack the Ripper". Jack Tramp was identified as the killed when he was discovered holding a bloody knife next to a horrendously mutilated corpse, hardly identifiable as female. When it was confirmed the killer was an American citizen, the US government quickly demanded his extradition. Wanting justice for the deaths of their women, the British press and police quickly became critical of the US government for their interference (culminating in Lopez's arrival).

Inside a building, Tramp comes to in a dark room, waking up next to the corpse of a woman and holding a knife. He has no memory of the events that led to the woman's death, and can only think of a girl called Silvia who he knew in New York. Scotland Yard finally takes over from the guards and arrests him. He is placed in a straightjacket to prevent suicide while put into a prisoner transport van.  Jack leans against the side of the van and receives an electric shock when his jacket rubs against the metal; he is forced to sit straight as he is questioned. Jack considers escaping, only to be mocked by the officers. Jack imagines New York life - buying a New York Knicks ticket at Madison Square Garden. He considers his fate upon arriving there: he'd either be put under 24-hour psychiatric care for the rest of his life or be executed by lethal injection. Jack is taken to the docks, where he is introduced to José Lopez and another US marshal, Ivan Kulik. The two mashals take Tramp on board the cargo ship, Liberty, a steamship which will take them to New York.

The Liberty is a nearly 100-year old liner, originally designed with the intention of being a passenger ship to compete with the Titanic. It soon retired from service, but was bought by the now-deceased Chan Industries' founder, Mark Chan, as his prize. Later the company was sold off to the Umbrella Corporation, who desired to use it as a cargo ship for sending their products between Europe and the United States. The trio board the ship while it prepares for its new maiden voyage. As it is primarily a cargo ship, they are among only a small cluser of passengers. Swapping guard with Kulik, the seasick José moves to the side of the ship to vomit. He is introduced to a journalist for the English newspaper, City Times, who claims to be writing a piece covering the ship's maiden voyage. Going back to the cabin, José notices a dark-skinned woman in khaki pants, who he suspects was spying on them. José and Kulik discuss Tramp and the reason for their job. To both of them it makes sense to leave such a psychotic killer in English hands rather than take him with them - after all, it is causing a diplomatic incident. According to Kulik the US government wants him returned due to actions committed on US soil which have been classified Top Secret. José asks why Tramp wasn't just put on a plane, since a liner would take time to arrive - having actually read the files, Kulik explains that he is claustrophobic and the government doesn't want to risk him attacking someone when under such stress.

Shortly after arriving on the ship, Lopez befiends a young girl, Silvia, who he understands is suffering from a serious illness. After alternating shifts of interrogating the apathetic accused, who can only vaguely remember the past few days when having clear moments, Lopez becomes to doubt he is transporting the murder. Soon after this, Lopez discovers the identity of the ship's owners, and their connection with the events in Raccoon City.

Umbrella researcher Dr. Robert Chan has developed a new mutagen in secret, the C-Virus, which is capable of transforming the host into whatever they wish. He plans, alongside his lover and colleagie Louise, to unleash the virus upon their arrival in New York.

After learning of Jack, Dr. Chan considers his iron will to make him the perfect test subject for the new virus, and aims to infect the man with "C". Louise is tasked with infecting Jack, but initially fails in a botched attempt to get past the Marshals.

When the Times 'Pressman' 'snaps', the virus is unleashed. Lopez fights for survival alongside Kulik and Louise, trying to protect the young Silvia from the ongoing disaster. Kulik is killed, and a military submarine emerges. Jack snaps out of his trance and offers help to the survivors, which forces Lopez to consider whether or not to trust Silvia in his care.

At the end, it is revealed that the Pressman was the real serial killer, having used Jack as a scapegoat. Now infected with the C-Virus, he seeks only perfection.

Characters Edit

  • Jack Tramp (ジャック・トランプ) - The protagonist, and the alleged serial killer.
  • Jose Lopez (ホセ・ロペス) - U.S. Marshall charge of transporting Jack to the U.S. aboard of the To the Liberty.
  • Ivan Kulik (イワン・クーリック) - A middle-aged U.S. Marshall and Lopez' superior officer. The physical appearance of this character suggests that he has been inspired in Brian Irons.
  • "Pressman" (新聞記者) - An unnamed journalist for City Times; this reporter claimed that Jack had been seen committing the murders.
  • Robert Chan, PhD (ロバート・チャン) - A senior researcher working for the Umbrella Corporation, Robert was part of a project to replace the t-Virus with a more powerful mutagen. He is later infected by this mutagen.
  • Louise Kah (ルイーズ・カー) - A retired Army officer-turned mercenary.
  • Silvia (シルビア) - A young girl who was traveling with her father, is now one of the few survivors. However, as story progresses she demonstrates have more involvement with this case than first thought. This character seems to have been inspired in Lucia of the game Resident Evil Gaiden.




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