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BIO HAZARD The Wicked North Sea (バイオハザード 北海の妖獣 Baiohazādo Hokkai no Yōjū?) was released in 1998. It was written by Kyū Asakura and the staff of Flagship, and published by Shueisha's Jump j-Books. The novel is set on an island (spelt in Japanese as ガディウォール (Gadiwōru?) used for secret bio-weapons research.


Discharged from the British Army after a rescue operation gone-wrong, Norse Chirac wanders all over the world in search of a safe haven. The man eventually arrives at Gadiwell, a small fishing island in the North Sea, between Scotland and Scandinavia. The island itself is home to the young Countess Beardsley, who resides in a castle on the island. Twenty years prior, the Umbrella Corporation set up a laboratory nearby, but many of the islanders were killed in an accident. To make amends they sponsored the building of a new hospital along with electrification and a ferry system. Traveling on the ferry with Norse is Rain Rubens, a boarding school girl visiting the island with her friend Kate. They find that the locals have become strange.

Norse stays at a lodging, unnerved by the disappearance of Rain's uncle. Sickened by a pungent smell, Norse leaves the lodging to find strange footprints. Following them at the middle of the night he is led into the woods, where a strange woman howls at the moon. He decides to leave rather than investigate what is happening.

The following morning, Norse drives off into the woods to look for Rain's uncle.


Norse Chirac (ノルス・シーラック Norusu Shīrakku?)

-The protagonist. Norse is a former member of "CRW", a counterterrorism unit within the British Army, having been discharged after a failed dignitary rescue operation.

Rain Rubens (レイン・ルーベンス Rein Rūbensu ?)

-A schoolgirl Norse meets on the ferry to the island. She is visiting the island with her friend Kate after breaking up from their boarding school.

Kate (ケイト Keito?)

-Another schoolgirl, Kate is Rain's friend and roommate.

Countess Mylene Beardsley (ミレーヌ・ビアズレー Mirēnu Biazurē?)

-The Lady of the nearby castle. A seventeen-year-old girl, she is a genius and head of the prestigious Beardsley family.

Gilliam (ギリアム Giriamu?)

-Mylene's butler.

Bale (ベイル Beiru?)

-Rain's uncle, and her only immediate family. A former service man, he was shot and killed by an unknown individual and declared "Missing" by Rain's arrival at the island.

Paul (ポール Pōru?)

-A childhood friend of Rain. When his parents passed away, Bale assumed guardianship. When Rain arrives back on the island, Paul warns her to leave.