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BSAA Emblems is a file in Resident Evil 5.



There are BSAA emblems located throughout every stage in RE5, except a few stages.

The more BSAA emblems you destroy, the more items you can purchase in Bonus Features. The Bonus Features include: New Costumes, Figurines, and Infinite weapon upgrades.

Emblems Per Stage:

1-2 3 BSAA Emblems
2-1 5 BSAA Emblems
2-2 3 BSAA Emblems
3-1 4 BSAA Emblems
3-2 3 BSAA Emblems
4-1 3 BSAA Emblems
4-2 1 BSAA Emblem
5-1 1 BSAA Emblem
5-2 1 BSAA Emblem
5-3 3 BSAA Emblems
6-1 3 BSAA Emblems

30 Emblems in total.

The original Japanese transcript for this file is not yet present. Please add it.

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