The Back alley (裏路地 Ura roji?) is an area of the shopping district.[1]


The back alley leads to multiples places including Chapel, Lobby and kitchen. A body of a man wearing a white suit can be seen in front.


Walking up to the body on the ground triggers a scene where the player character examines the body and finds dog tags in his hand. The message "The name 'Ark Thompson' is carved on it" displays and the character says he can't remember who that is. A zombie then walks up to the player. When control resumes a zombie will be in front of the player.

When killed, the zombie will drop the Rusted Key which can be used on any of the doors in the area to continue.


Location Localization Original script
The door back to the Helicopter crash site There's no need to go back. Maybe I'll remember something if I continue...
Any of the other doors before taking the key (Locked door SFX) It's locked.




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