The backseat zombie on Resident Evil 2

The backseat zombie was a zombie who appeared in the opening cutscene of Resident Evil 2. In both scenarios (A and B), he lunges up from the backseat of the police car Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield are in. He startles Leon and makes him crash the car, there are two possible crashes:

  1. The car crashes straight into the wall and the zombie flies out through the windshield. This happens on Claire A, Leon B Scenario.
  2. The car spins around before crashing into the wall and the zombie flies out of the back of the car. This happens in Leon A, Claire B Scenario and Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City's demo.

This then sets up the event in which a gas truck driven by a zombified truck driver crashes into the car. Leon and Claire barely escape the crash and the resulting explosion. They get separated and then plan to meet up again at the Raccoon Police Department.

Further NotesEdit

  • The zombie appears to be slightly redesigned in Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City.


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