Bandersnatches are a mid-level enemy and should be engaged with the Handgun or Bowgun at long range, with heavier weaponry being advised at close to medium range. If attempting to kill with a Combat Knife, slashing at their armless side or back is the safest angle to attack from. Weak points to aim for with the knife are the head and legs. Although physically weaker than Hunters, Bandersnatches can stretch their arm to cover the length of most rooms to attack the player at range, causing considerable damage with their strikes and grabs. Also, although slow to walk, these creatures will use their arm to pull themselves across rooms, closing the gap between them and the player with deceptive speed. The elastic, rubbery nature of their bodies allows them to shrug off normal bullets, but makes slashing or piercing weapons like the Combat Knife or Explosive Arrows particularly effective. Bandersnatches are usually encountered alone or in pairs and should always be treated as dangerous. If a player gets their head grabbed by one of them, they must struggle to get free; if not, the creature would break their neck resulting by instantly killing the player.

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