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Further notes

The Base Majini serve as the security force for Tricell, Albert Wesker, and Excella Gionne. It is believed that all individuals serving in this capacity were infected by the Type 3 Plagas.

They are encountered by Chris and Sheva at the underground facilities and the tanker. These areas both house the Uroboros missiles, the heart of the facility and what the infected soldiers are meant to protect. Jill Valentine and Josh Stone also encounter them at the Tricell Communication Facility, where they serve in a similar capacity.

They are very similar to the Militia in Resident Evil 4, as they both also use stun rods (occasionally with bullet-proof tower shields) and Rocket Launchers, the only major difference being that Base Majini wield AK-74 assault rifles.

It is unknown how these men became infected with the Plagas, but it can be speculated that they were exposed in a similar manner to the Sodibaya tribe, being fed lies about a fictitious disease and receiving a cure that is in itself the affliction of Plagas infection.



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