Further notes

Notice that in professional mode, ALL attacks bring you into dying state immediately.

These Majinis act similarly to the Town Majini, however they're more resilient, stronger and more organized. They are also more intelligent and can quickly surround the player and attempt to catch them in a cross-fire.

Stun RodEdit

  • Swing - The Majini will swing in a backhand movement and attempt to strike the player, dealing heavy damage if it hits. This will always stun the player, but won't cause knockdown.
  • Running Swing - The Majini will run at the player and backhand them with their weapon, dealing high damage and knocking the player back. Town Majini will also use this attack, but deal less damage due to the less powerful weaponry.


  • Burst Fire - The Majini will fire several bullets in quick bursts, dealing light to heavy damage, so taking cover is advisable. If the player is hit with multiple bullets in a row, they will be knocked down. After firing off enough rounds, the Majini has to reload, allowing the player to damage them.
  • Club - Only used if the player is in close quarters, the Majini will use the butt of his rifle to bash the player, dealing moderate damage.
  • Taunt - Sometimes after successfully knocking down the player with a Burst Fire, the Majini will fire his rifle in the air, as if taunting the player. This however, leaves him completely exposed.

Base Majini wielding an AK-74

Rocket LauncherEdit

  • Rocket - A fatal long-range attack that is highly dangerous, that bring you into DYING state regardless of the difficulty. It can be avoided quite easily, however, and using sturdy cover will be enough to protect from the blast. A long ranged weapon is advised to take them out. After firing, the Majini will slowly reload with another rocket, leaving him vulnerable.
  • Club - Only used if the player is in close quarters, the Majini uses the Rocket Launcher to hit the player. Deals moderate damage.
  • Rocket Launcher Majini are somewhat rare, appearing only in Chapter 5-2, 6-1 and 6-3.

Bullet-Proof ShieldEdit

  • Shove - A low damage attack that is often followed up by a much more damaging stun rod swing.


  • Throw - The Majini will throw a grenade, dealing moderate to heavy damage; while avoidable, it can be very dangerous. The Majini will often throw grenades behind a cover spot, forcing the player into the open.
  • Explosion- The Majini's grenade belt will go off, dealing major damage to the player. This will only happen if the Majini is caught in an explosion or shot in the grenade belt.


  • Spontaneous Combustion - Randomly before dying, some Base Majini will literally swell and explode, not to be confused with grenades going off. The Majini clutch their heads before the explosion. The blast radius is relatively small, but the damage (should the player be standing too close) can be catastrophic.
  • With the swelling, it may seem that they are trying to transform into a Duvalia, however the animation is quite different, as when transforming into a Duvalia the Majini's body will be covered in growing bubbles, but when about to explode their bodies will simply inflate.

Melee PromptsEdit

  • Face grab - When shot in the face, the Majini will stagger backwards while covering his face, yelling in pain and turning the back to the player.
  • Shiver - An alternate animation for the head stun, the Majini will simply stay still, but will shiver while tilting his head slightly.
  • Arm grab - When shot in the arm, the Majini will cover his arm with the opposite hand, while looking at it, and then showing a menacing expression to the player.
  • Kneel - When shot in the legs, the Majini will fall on his knees. It's also possible to use Melee attacks while he is in this stance.
  • Shielded Kneel - When a Majini wielding a bullet-proof shield is shot in the legs, he will kneel down on one knee, while supporting his body with the shield.
  • Leg grab - An alternate animation for the leg stun, the Majini will yell in pain while holding his/her leg, bending downwards.
  • Machine Gunner Stagger - Sometimes, when a Majini holding an AK-74 is shot in the face, he'll hold his weapon against his chest while standing still, trembling with a painful expression. Happens rarely if a Majini is shot while reloading.
  • Rocket Launcher Stagger - When a Majini holding a Rocket Launcher is shot in any melee prompt area, he will arch his back slightly backwards while trying to sustain the weight of his weapon. Note that this animation is the same for all weak spot shots.
  • Blinded - When the Majini is caught in an explosion of a Flash Grenade or a Grenade Launcher loaded with Flash Rounds, he will cover his eyes for some seconds. It functions as a head stun. Note that Majinis wearing gas-masks are immune to this effect.