"A uniform with my favourite player's number on it. Damn. That's nice. "
Jim Chapman, upon examining this item.

The Basketball Uniform is an unlockable costume for Jim Chapman in Resident Evil Outbreak.
Jim basketball lg

Jim Chapman wearing the Basketball Uniform

The item with the same name (憧れのユニホーム Akogareno yunihōmu?, Longing Uniform) is found in the Room 302, on the left bed. It is found in The Hive scenario on paths A and B.

To use this outfit, the player must first find the following special items, and then purchase it for 10.000 points (1.000 in File #2.) In File #2, the costume is already unlocked, and can be purchased without points by using the Data Convert option.

Item Name Scenario Room Location Difficulty
White Tanktop Outbreak Locker Room, inside the second locker in the left row. Easy and Normal, paths A and B.
Rare Shoes Below Freezing Point Duct, on the corner of the railing near the door and the typewriter. Hard and Very Hard, paths C and D.
Basketball Uniform The Hive Room 302, on the left bed. Easy and Normal, paths A and B.
Baggy shorts Hellfire Linen Room, on the shelf with a Blue Herb. Easy and Normal, paths A and B.
Signed Basketball Decisions, Decisions Store Room, inside one of the broken lockers. Hard and Very Hard, paths C and D.

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