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For the SegaSaturn-exclusive minigame, see Battle Game (Resident Evil).

The Battle Game is a minigame in Resident Evil CODE: Veronica X which is unlocked by the main game once. It is noticeably more in-depth than its predecessor, having several more features.

Like the original, the chosen character is taken through an unrelated series of rooms and timed on how long it takes them to defeat the B.O.W.s within. The number of playable characters has been boosted up to five, each having much different sets of items to work with, and all featuring unlimited ammunition.

A first-person viewpoint option can be unlocked for this mode by killing Nosferatu in the main game with Alfred Ashford's Sniper Rifle and acquiring the special cutscene where Claire shoots his heart out, and then completing the game.


The game is played on one set series of rooms with one set pattern of enemies however, each character fights their own specific boss at the end. Every boss fought except for the Tyrant T-078 is the same room they were fought as in the main game.

In the 13th room, there is a slot machine in which the player can get a random item. It will either be D.I.J.'s Diary or an specific items for that character.

Room Enemies Items
1 4 Zombies
2 6 Zombies Green Herb
3 3 Bandersnatchs First Aid Spray
4 5 Zombies
5 6 Zombies
6 2 Hunters

1 Hunter

1 Sweeper

Green Herb, Blue Herb
8 4 Zombies
9 6 Zombies
10 6 Zombies
11 5 Zombies
12 4 Zombies First Aid Spray
13 2 Green Herbs, Slot machine
14 2 Hunters
15 7 Zombies
16 4 Zombies
17 5 Zombies
18 3 Bandernaches First Aid Spray
19 Boss fight


Characters have their own set of weapons all set to infinite ammo, their own ending boss fight, and a chance to get a specific item from the slot machine in room 13. Each character also has a bonus motion, for example: Chris can examine the tiger statue and Claire will react to a certain cold area when she just walks through it.

Character Unlock Loadout Slot machine Boss fight Unique animation
Claire Redfield
RECV Battle Game Claire
Defaultly available Combat Knife
Handgun (Claire's)
Handgun Bullets
Bow Gun w/ Explosive Bolts
4 Mixed Herbs
Sub Machine Guns Nosferatu
Claire Redfield (alternate costume)
RECV Battle Game Alt Claire
Complete Claire's Battle Game with a decent ranking. Combat Knife
Grenade Launcher
Assault Rifle
Grenade Rounds
Flame Rounds
Acid Arounds
Mixed Herb
B.O.W Gas Rounds Tyrant T-078 Reacts to coldness in certain rooms
Chris Redfield
RECV Battle Game Chris
Defaultly available Combat Knife
Shotgun Shells
2 Mixed Herbs
Sub Machine Guns 2nd and 3rd forms of Alexia Ashford
Steve Burnside
RECV Battle Game Steve
Locate the Luger Replica and complete the game with it in the item box. Combat Knife
Gold Lugers
2 Mixed Herbs
Sub Machine Guns
M-100Ps Gulp Worm
Albert Wesker
RECV Battle Game Wesker
Complete Chris' Battle Game with a decent ranking. Combat Knife
3 Mixed Herbs
Colt Python with 6 rounds First form of Alexia Ashford


Upon completing the game, the player gets a specific results screen for the character they picked and a rank of A, B, C, D, E, or no rank based on their performance.

The Linear Launcher can be unlocked for the minigame by completing it with every character and getting an A rank. This is also the requirement for the "Battle Master" award in the HD port of the game.

PAL Conversion Problem Edit

In order to get the A rank in Battle Game, the player needs to complete each character's mission under a very specific time.

Due to the 50 Hz limitations at the time, the PAL version of the game is running slower than NTSC and JAP releases, however, the timer in Battle Mode has the very same settings as the one from NTSC versions.

While this is not really problematic in the normal game, Battle Mode suffer from this conversion, resulting in an almost impossible time attack for PAL players for some of the characters, including Claire Alt, and Chris Redfield.


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