Desperate Times - Battle Plan - Resident Evil Outbreak File 2

Desperate Times - Battle Plan - Resident Evil Outbreak File 2

Battle Plan

Battle Plan is the opening cutscene to the "desperate times" scenario of Resident Evil Outbreak File 2. In it, Marvin; Rita and three other police officers plan their escape from the doomed Raccoon Police Department.


Marvin: "Take a look at this."
Marvin: "It's a map of this place back when it was an art museum."
Marvin: "There should be a ventilation tunnel, underground."
Rita: "And that'll get us out of here?"
Marvin: "It should. But it's so narrow you're the only one who might fit through."
Rita: "So I'll get help and come back, right? Looks like it's a race against time."
Marvin: "Now that we've lost communications, there's nothing else we can do."
Marvin: "Alright, everyone, we've got to hurry up and find a way into that tunnel. It's gonna be our way out of here."

Marvin: "これを見てくれ"
Marvin: "この者が昔美術館だったときの図面だが"
Marvin: "地下に換気用のトンネルがあったはずなんだ"
Rita: "そこを通れば、 外に?"
Marvin: "ああ…だが狭すぎて人れるのは君ぐらいだろう"
Rita: "救援を呼びに行く、 というわけね時間との勝負だわ"
Marvin: "通信手段がないんだやってみるしかない"
Marvin: "皆でトンネルの人り口を皆してくれ…頼んだぞ"


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