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The Battleship Mech was an aquatic B.O.W. developed by Umbrella from a human subject as one of their "Mechs". It was present in Raccoon City, where it hunted in the river.


BIO HAZARD 2 VOL.9 - page 20

The Mech, recalling its human life.

The Battleship Mech's human origins was in an LAPD SWAT officer. As a B.O.W., The Battleship Mech was found swimming in the river encircling Raccoon City. It attempted to swallow a raft of S.W.A.T. officers on loan from Los Angeles. With its human face, it read a team member's badge and began to remember its human life undergoing SWAT training (with chanting of "Come on! Come on!";[excerpt 1] "We are the elite! The elite of the elite!",[excerpt 2] and "Protect American citizens!").[excerpt 3] Despite these recollections, it repeatedly thought to itself "I can't remember...",[excerpt 4] and returned to its B.O.W. programming, closing its mouth on the last remaining SWAT member and going back underwater.[1]


This B.O.W. had a mass of some 910 kilograms and had a biting force of 3500 lbs.[excerpt 5][excerpt 6] It was also capable of reaching speeds of 40 knots.[2][excerpt 7]

The only remaining indication that this was a human-type B.O.W. was the subject's face, which remained unaltered and displayed on the creature's upper mandible. This allowed it to personally see prey as they were being swept into its enormous mouth. The B.O.W. also displayed a conscious mind rarely seen in mutants when it read a potential victim's Los Angeles SWAT patch.[3]


Further notesEdit

This B.O.W. is referred to as the "Mech Whale" (Chinese: 機甲鯨魚; Pinyin: Jījiǎ jīngyú) in the chapter title of BIO HAZARD 2 VOL.9 which introduces the creature.


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