Shirley novelization
(Novelization of Retribution)

Becky was a clone created by the Umbrella Corporation. Becky was one of many clones that shared the same unnamed progenitor, each having unique experiences in Umbrella Prime's environmental tests.


Early life (falsified) Edit

In Becky's falsified life, she was a seven-year-old student at Mrs. Henderson's class and her family had gotten the school annoyed for bringing her in late.[1] She was born with autosomal recessive deafness, requiring her parents to learn sign language to talk to her; Todd's mother would look after her sometimes, but could not sign.[2]

Activation Edit

Becky was activated in the Suburbia simulation zone. With her "parents"' alarm clock not set, she was woken up late for school. As they were getting ready for their various appointments they were attacked by the Undead, now released for the simulation.


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