Perry universe
(Covers information from the S.D. Perry novels)
For the Beginning character, see Becky (Beginning).

Becky McGee was a neighbor of Jill Valentine, whom she met when she and her sister lost their dog. On 7 July 1998, her body was discovered after wandering from a picnic in the Arklay Mountains, along with her sister Priscilla McGee, becoming the first two victims of the zombie attacks in Raccoon City, Pennsylvania. The news of their deaths left Jill deeply saddened. Tissue samples from Becky and Christopher Smith's fingernails were presented as part of a theory in which the murders could be explained as some sort of ritualistic cannibalism undertaken by a cult in the mountains.

Further notesEdit

"Becky McGee" is based on a character in Resident Evil: The Book called "Becky". The surname was an original creation of S.D. Perry.


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