King's Foundation
(King's BIO HAZARD2 mythos)

Ben was one of the survivors of Raccoon City.


During the viral outbreak in Raccoon City, Ben ended up in a holding cell below the Raccoon City Police Department. Ada Wong, an Umbrella Agent, lured police officer Leon Scoot Kennedy into helping her find Ben, who she apparently needed to talk to regarding the incident.

Heading into the cells, Ada - who had never seen Ben before - politely asked the man who he was, but got no reply,[excerpt 1] forcing her to shout out a repeat. He apathetically confirmed his identity.

Annoyed at the apathy of the man at such a time, Leon barked at Ben, demanding those answers. After a few moments, Leon left the room, allowing Ada to talk to Ben comfortably, discussing her missing boyfriend, John. She was eventually successful in persuading him to escape with her, catching up to the survivors to take the gondola ride to the Raccoon City Underground Laboratory. Escaping on the train out of the city, he and the others were rescued by Chris Redfield, who landed his helicopter nearby.



  1. Exerpt from BIO HAZARD 2 VOL.7, page 17:
    Chinese: 先生!你是不是記者BEN?; Pinyin: Xiānshēng! Nǐ shì bùshì jìzhě BEN?