Shirley novelization
(Novelization of Retribution)

Bim was a half-Polynesian survivor of the 2002 T-virus pandemic, which destroyed much of the earth's ecosystem and human population.[1]

Biography Edit

With human survivors largely limited to island communities out of reach of the T-virus, Bim and his boyfriend Lony survived on Catalina Island, which they shared with Jack Tannager and Chung. They helped support them by fishing in their boat.[2]

Further notesEdit

  • Given the concept of Resident Evil: Retribution - The Official Movie Novelization, any new additions are so far accepted as part of the 'Anderson' universe for the time being.

Sources Edit

  1. Shirley, Retribution, p.285.
  2. Shirley, Retribution, p.283.

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