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Bindi Bergara[note 1] was the Marhawa Academy's student council president.[2] She is one of the antagonists of Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire.


Early lifeEdit

She was a close friend of Nanan Yoshihara, who was ostracized in the academy for her poor family background. Although her first attempt to befriend Nanan was unsuccessful, she finally accepted Bindi, and the two became friends.

Escape PlotEdit

In Bindi's flashback, Nanan got into a fight with Alisa and other students and eventually won, but suffered injuries. She went to Bindi's room to let Bindi tend to her wounds. Bindi then went to Mother Gracia's office to report her on Alisa's actions, deciding to report to the police. However, Gracia wouldn't allow her to do so and instead covered up the incident. Bindi, unsatisfied with Gracia's decision, decided to run away from Marhawa Academy along with Nanan. While they were running away, Gracia eventually found the duo, bringing security guards with her. While struggling to get away from them, Nanan accidentally slipped and impacted onto a boulder, killng her. Bindi was devastated at the death of her best friend. It was there where she met the hooded Carla Radames, who offered her a dose of the C-Virus.


Nanan's corpse was picked up at some point by the school's security guards, and injected with a syringe containing the C-Virus by Bindi. She eventually became the first Lepotica and infected students one by one, including Alisa to cause chaos in the academy. Bindi first pretended to be unaware of the ensuing events, being visibly shocked and scared by the fact that zombies were rampant in Marhawa.


Bindi in her J'avo form.

Over time, Bindi began to show her true colors; a vengeful woman who expected to see everyone around her to suffer painful deaths. Bindi herself was to deal with the BSAA operatives Chris Redfield, Piers Nivans and Merah Biji, who suspected her as the perpetrator of the outbreak. She mutated into a humanoid tentacled monster and proceeded to murder Mother Gracia, to whom she expressed her hatred, before confronting the remaining survivors.
Bindy complete mutation

Eventually, Bindi fought Merah Biji in the school's cathedral. Merah was informed by Chris that she won't be able to take down Bindi by herself, but Merah ignored Chris' words. Disabling her radio, Merah readied herself to face Bindi again, who congratulated her for unwilling to give up.

Final Mutation Edit

Bindi suffered too much damage from Merah's attacks, causing her to transform into a Chrysalid. She broke free of her cocoon as a massive,spider-like B.O.W.She was put down by combined efforts of Chris,Piers Ricky and dying Merah.

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Further notesEdit

  • Bindi is the only known female J'avo. Her mutation is closest to a Ruka-Hvatanje. She also can be also noted to be the only J'avo who could maintain her consciousness, possibly due to the strain of C-Virus Carla gave her and Nanan being still in the testing stage and has does not yet have the feature to obey the giver.


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