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"Bio-real" is a word engineered by Capcom staff working behind the concept phase of Resident Evil titles. "Bio-real" defines concepts that are plausible in the fictional universe, that may not be in the real world - human cloning, for example, has been going on since the '70s in the series, while real-world development into mammalian cloning has progressed much slower and much later. The term is also used to differentiate between different concepts outside of the physical world - a Silent Hill-esque scenario involving parallel worlds is not "bio-real" as the paranormal does not exist in its universe.

Another feature seen in later titles such as Resident Evil 6 is that the Biohazard Universe shares similarities to the Real World, such as the mention of 9/11 terrorist attacks being a factor in the War on Terror.[1]



  1. Leon S. Kennedy This is exclusive to the source Japanese script as the English localization team removed it.

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