biohazard 0 TRIAL EDITION is a playable demo of Resident Evil 0 released in Japan in August 2002.[1]

Unused items

It should be noted that the can of lighter oil was used in the trial edition coding as a placeholder 3D model for unfinished models. In the table below, "No" means that the item was cut from the game before a particular image template was completed. If it lacks its own sprite or 3D model, it was cut fairly-early; conversely an item with both completed was cut not long before the game's shipping. When an item is designated "NULL", it will lack any description, including an actual name.

Item Sprite completed 3D model completed
Axe Yes No
Hand Grenade Yes Yes
Silencer Yes No
Silenced Handgun (Army-issue)[notes 1] No No
Silenced Handgun (S.T.A.R.S. issue) Yes No
Magnum Yes No
Magnum parts Yes No
Shotgun parts Yes No
Cog Yes No
Pink herb No No
Blue jewel Yes Yes
Red jewel Yes No
Key 101 Yes Yes
Green keycard Yes Yes
Train handle Yes No
Test tube vial Yes No
Machine part Yes No
Film reel A[notes 2] Yes No
Film reel B[notes 3] Yes No
Film reel C[notes 4] Yes No
CU-NULL[notes 5] No No
KEY-NULL[notes 6] No No
MA-NULL[notes 7] No No
  1. This item lacks its own sprite, using the Axe as a placeholder
  2. Film reel "A" can be combined with 'B', but not 'C'
  3. Film reel "B" can be combined with 'A', but not 'C'
  4. Film reel "C" cannot be combined with either "A" or "B" reels
  5. This item lacks any sprite at all, unlike the Army-issue handgun
  6. This item is the only NULL item with a recognisable designation, "KEY", which defines the item as such.
  7. Examining this item causes the game to freeze


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