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Biohazard 2 ReMix ~met@morPhoses~

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BIOHAZARD 2 ReMIX~met@morPhoses~
BIOHAZARD 2 ReMIX ~met@morPhoses~ - CD front
Artist(s):Masami Ueda

Shusaku Uchiyama
Syun Nishigaki

Release date:Apr 21, 1999
Catalogue No.:CPCA-1001


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Biohazard 2 ReMIX~met@morPhoses~ is a techno music album relating to Resident Evil 2. The music was remixed by "Piston Nishizawa". It had a catalogue number of CPCA-1001.[1] As well as the CD-version, an LP vinyl was also produced.[2]


BIOHAZARD 2 ReMIX ~met@morPhoses~ - Vinyl rear

The rear cover of the Vinyl LP version


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