The Biohazard Figure Collection is a series of specially-made collectible figurines placed in a number of poses. The series was crafted by Organic and released in 2008. Discontinued, they are a rare collector's item.


Image Name Description
Biohazard Figure Collection - Jill Valentine vs. Chimera
Jill Valentine vs. Chimera S.T.A.R.S. officer Jill has a SPAS 12 pointed at a Chimera as it prepares to pounce on her.
Biohazard Figure Collection - Rebecca Chambers vs. Hunter
Rebecca Chambers vs. Hunter S.T.A.R.S. officer Rebecca hides from an MA-121α as she prepares to defend herself.
Biohazard Figure Collection - Chris Redfield vs. Yawn
Chris Redfield vs. Yawn Referencing a scene from the 2002 remake, Chris Redfield takes on the Yawn with a Desert Eagle.
Biohazard Figure Collection - Tyrant
Tyrant The T-002 breaks out of its glass casing
Biohazard Figure Collection - Zombie & Cerberus
Zombie & Cerberus A comparison between a zombified Umbrella employee and the MA-39

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