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biohazard Kaitaishinsho (ゲームキューブ版 バイオハザード 解体真書 Gēmukyūbu-ban baiohazādo kaitai shinsho?) is a 384-page guide book for the remake of Resident Evil. A transcript of Wesker's Report II is included in this book. Translations can be found here.


KEYWORD OF biohazard (pp.4-5) Edit

CHARACTER OF biohazard (pp.6-18) Edit

The "Others" character list of secondary characters is notable in not featuring Kevin Dooley, the RPD pilot for S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team. It does, however, have an entry for Edward Dewey, the only S.T.A.R.S. member not mentioned in the game.

PLAYING MANUAL (pp.19-54) Edit

MONSTER (pp.55-100) Edit

SCENARIO (pp.101-232) Edit

FOR EXPERT PLAYER (pp.233-280) Edit

SECRET FEATURE (pp.281-370) Edit

Credits Edit

  • Issuer: Tsujimoto Haruhiro (辻本 春弘)
  • Editor: Koichi Hamamura (浜村 弘一)
  • Deputy editor: Minoru Noda (野田 稔)
  • Editor-in-Chief: Takeo Sakamoto (坂本 武郎)
  • Deputy-Editor-in-Chief: Atsushi Takahashi (高橋 敦)
  • Business department: Atsuko Takahashi (高橋 敦子)
  • Printing: Kyoritsu Printing Co., Ltd. (共立印刷株式会社)
  • Published by: Enterbrain
  • Produced by: Capcom
  • Planning, structure and writing: Studio BentStuff Co.,Ltd.
  • In charge of Time Attack: Yoshifumi Katō (加藤義文?)

Shin Satō (佐藤伸?)
Shin'ichi Kimura (木村真一 ?)

  • Binding/book design: Cue Factory
  • Map illustrations: ( 鵜沼 安希雄?)
  • Editing: Hiroyuki Aoki (青木宏行?)
  • Design supervisor (Famitsu): Yasuo Kawabata (川端康雄 ?)
  • Suprvised by: Capcom

  • DIRECTOR: Fumi Yamashita (山下 章?)
  • SHORT STORY/EPILOGUE: Benī Matsuyama (ベニー 松山?)
  • PLAYING MANUAL: Yamanaka Naoki (山中 直樹?)
  • SCENARIO: Itaba Toshimitsu (板場 利光?)
  • MONSTER: Tomohito Koishi (小石 朋仁?)
  • HARD/REAL SURVIVAL/INVISIBLE ENEMY: Shirakawa Daisuke (白川 大輔?)
  • Differences between "BIO HAZARD" and "biohazard"/Event branch chart: Ōide Keita (大出 啓太?)
  • Secret Feature 50/Item list: Yamada Shin'ya (山田 真也?)
  • Knife Clear/ Map CG Support: Toyota Tomoyuki (豊田 知行?)
  • CHARACTER/Monster description/"Mansion Incident" full picture/Wesker's Report commentaryŌno Yūko (大野 優子?)
  • ANALYSIS SUPPORT: (藪良 小路?)
  • Map list/EDITORIAL SUPPORT Ōide Riyōta (大出 綾太?)
  • SCENARIO: Watanabe Kazutoshi (渡辺 和歳?)

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